6 Mar



In the beginning there was the word, on Tuesday, there was Charlie.

If you have seen any news this week you will have noticed that one man has been in the spotlight as much as Colonel Gadaffi himself, Charlie Sheen.

At the beginning of this week he joined Twitter, after a day he had over a million followers and only a mere six or seven tweets.

Five or six days, 2 millions followers and some 50 tweets later Sheen is arguably the most successful person to ever utilse the site and its high time we try and figure out how this all happened.

Of late, some would say that he’s been having a bit of a breakdown. A couple of weeks ago he was admitted to rehab after an extended period of partying with drugs and alcohol rendered him a little worse for wear.

Since then he has had a very public feud with the producers of his hit TV show Two and a Half Men, lost his kids and on Monday he gave this interview this interview to ABC’s Good Morning America.

Shortly after this incident Sheen decided he liked having his voice heard, uncensored, so what better way to do this? Start a Twitter.

Charlie Sheen #WINNING

Everyone loves to see celebrities cut loose and get a peek of what they are like in real life without their PR wizards at hand to control their every move. The paparazzi usually lend a hand here, taking the embarassing photos or providing us the quotes celebs would rather we not hear.

Sheen is going through a very “interesting” time in his life and he has invited us all to come watch. Twitter is the perfect tool for us to get minute by minute insights into the life of Sheen. His use of TwitPics and links to his new show “Sheens Korner” on USTREAM serve to sweeten the deal. Who needs TMZ, Perez Hilton or the Daily Mail to dish the dirt when Sheen is there to do it for us?

Lady Gaga is currently top of the Twitter charts with over 8 million followers and 600 Tweets. She has had her profile for 36 months and its more than likely that a significant portion of her updates are carefully constructed by her PR team. Sheen has done it all by himself and we have all sat there watching, waiting, anticipating his every move and he has not let us down. No doubt the best is yet to come.


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