Washington Post on Tumblr

13 Mar

by Ian Kearney



This week the Washington Post launched @innovations, a Tumblr blog which recognises how social media is changing the way people interact with the news .

The goal ? Transparency. The blog which perfectly mirrors the newspaper’s own website aims to provide a new means for journalists to connect with readers as well as showcasing the papers new digital features.

@innovations by The Washington Post

In their first post here’s what @innovations had to say about the social media side of things;

“The news is social. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the way we discover relevant information, and led us to discover the power of the crowd.Amanda Zamora, social media and engagement editor, will be Tumbling about social platforms and tools that help drive realtime stories, build relevant conversation and engage readers. Follow her @amzam or e-mail her at amanda.zamora [at] wpost [dot] com.”

While its still early days to see how exactly the paper intends to use the blog, one of the posts entitled Mideast turmoil: behind the Post’s interactive map, gives a chance to engage with the processes that go on behind the scenes in creating the news and provides a richer, interactive experience for readers.

Its always positive to see the media embracing change and while although some might argue that the Washington Post has set up little more than a blog (and that lots of other newspapers have too) this could set the standard for the future of online journalism and social media/reader interaction.


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