Happy Birthday Twitter!!!!

21 Mar

by Georgina Leggate @GeorginaLeggate

5 years of Twitter…

The revolution of internet communications was started 5 years ago. Twitter This social network now has 200 million users which include celebrities from all over the world. Tech luminaries, Britney Spears, the hugely popular Lady Gaga and even the president of the United States, Barack Obama! There are now 1 billion tweets and 460,000 people joining the network, every week! The first ever tweet was sent by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey on the 21st March 2006 when the ‘twitter’ brand was said to be ‘silly’, many critics thought it wouldn’t catch on, it was written off by many as mundane musings on ordinary events. Twitter had a bit of a slow start when it began, and was averaging at just 5,000 tweets per day, compared to now where there are literally millions per day. Twitter had its lucky break and really became recognised as a worthy source of international news when the Hudson River disaster took place. A Twitter user on a ferry on the river ‘tweeted’ a photo of the plane in the water and within minutes it was all over news broadcasters all over the world, as this was their first source of information.

my most memorable memories of twitter in online journalism:

Hudson river disaster

Michael Jackson hangin his child from a balcony

Middle Eastern protests (the demonstrations which lead to the revolution)

Elizabeth Hurley’s hiccup with her Shane Warne comments ; )

An interesting point to note is that journalists are now paying attention to these messages more than ever before. Twitter has grown into something much more than just a social network, it is more of a social and international addiction.

Anyway a very Happy Birthday Twitter and here’s to many many more! Please let me know all your most memorable tweets….?


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