5 ways to integrate Twitter into a website or blog

31 Mar

by Ben Miller

I recently saw on Little Twitter illustrated (in French)  that there are several ways to use Twitter without going through the actual Twitter.com site.

But there are also several other ways, both technical and graphical, to integrate Twitter into a website or blog – by employing ready-to-use scripts, plugins (mainly for WordPress) and other widgets.

Here is a selection of 10 ways to integrate Twitter into a site or blog:

1) The Tweet This button: Available as a plugin for WordPress (but also for Joomla and Blogger), this button, found at the bottom of each article, allows users to post their favorite articles on Twitter . Tweet This is to Twitter what “Digg” is to, well, Digg ! In other words  a visual boost for blogs. You can see an example of implementation of Tweet This button on this blog .

tweetthis 10 façons dintégrer Twitter dans un site ou un blog

2) The Re-tweet button: Proposed by Tweetmeme , as a WordPress plugin or independent accessory.  Clicking on this button, as in the previous case, publishes an article on Twitter. It is customarily said that the value of information posted on Twitter is measured in the number of retweets (or RT) received, i.e. the number of times it is re-published (and repeated) by different members. Retweet button, which displays this number on his meter, is an indicator that measures the relevance of information . To see it in action, look here.

retweet 10 façons dintégrer Twitter dans un site ou un blog

3) The followers counter: In the style of a RSS Feedburner subscriber counter, similar to all social media obssessees eager to display the size of their cyber manhood, and therefore influence, Twitter counters allow users to see how many people follow them on the site. You can see your own follower count at TwitterCounter

twittercounter 10 façons dintégrer Twitter dans un site ou un blog

4) The Follow Me button: In addition to the RSS subscription button and email subscription, theFollow me  button on Twitter gradually added to the arsenal of loyalty that bloggers offer their readers. There are no rules and no need for plugins for this: just create a button with a graphics programme, and put in a prominent place on your blog, not forgetting of course to incluude a link that points to your Twitter account.

5) Display your latest tweets on your site: Those who are Twitterly active and want to the visitors to their personal site to see their latest Twitter posts without leaving their page, new tweets can be displayed in several ways, either using a WordPress plugin , or directly by using the proposed Twitter widget , which offers the advantage of being installable on any site with a simple copy and paste, even though its customisation options are fairly limited.  Beware, however: Twitter is a platform where freedom of speech is paramount, where you can say anything you want, and it’s easy to forget that whatever you say will appear on your own site. Just sayin’..

twitter widget 10 façons dintégrer Twitter dans un site ou un blog


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