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You and Social Media: How Young Journalists Use Social Media (now with videos!)

25 Feb

Josh Cheesman

Before Christmas, I made some very quick videos of some of our classmates on the TV journalism master’s course at City Uni. I asked them to talk about how they, as young up-and-coming journalists, use social media. Here are the results:


Burritos on Twitter – how social media helped create a news package

6 Feb

Caroline James @CarolineJames1

Over the past fortnight, I’ve managed to use social media in three different stages of the process of creating an item of TV news journalism.

It was through a classmate’s blog that I (as reporter) and my director discovered Richard Fitzgerald’s blog and his quest for love via the most unlikely of routes: the spicy Mexican burrito.

Richard had been using social media – his Twitter account to advertise and his blog to document – as Cupid in his pursuit of love.  The winner of a year’s supply of burrito vouchers in a social media event, the corresponding publicity surrounding his win led to him being inundated with requests from girls to help him out with all those burritos.

Exchanging tweets with the Burrito Bachelor!

Using Twitter we contacted him to ask whether he would be interested in us doing a news report on his unusual quest.

Direct messages were exchanged and the interview set up.  Meanwhile, we contacted the author of the initial source of the story, Charlie, to arrange an interview to get the inside scoop: how do the girls feel about being blogged about? Particularly as, by Richard’s own admission, all the details go up online, however negative.

We then set about scripting and shooting the package:

But it doesn’t end there.  Back in touch with our burrito bachelor via Twitter, we were able to send Richard the Vimeo link so he could see our report for himself.

Using Twitter to publicise our news package to Richard's followers, as well as our own



Posting our video to Twitter and FB, we maximised the number of people who could see the video and have even had our package embedded in Richard’s latest blog post. Significantly, the volume of traffic to Richard’s blog is enormous:


The blog for the burrito love quest gets a lot of action!

In such a way, we were able to exploit the huge local community Richard’s blog had already established, in order to increase our own journalistic presence.

This package was ABOUT social media and we were able to use social media to PURSUE it and then ultimately, to PUBLICISE our own journalism. Any means we can find to infiltrate an established online community and share examples of our TV journalism can only be an asset to the aspiring journo.

Since then, Richard’s burrito blog has appeared in print: both the Islington Gazette and Metro are as interested as us in the fate of his fast food quest for love!

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, perhaps we should all take note: burritos, not oysters, seem to be the latest aphrodisiac.

Dell’s Stephen Jio on Social Media and Citizen Journalism

19 Nov


Dell's Stephen Jio talks social media at City University's Dell event

By Ian Kearney

Dell’s social media guru Stephen Jio was at City University today giving a talk entitled; Making a name in the social media world.

Despite the fact that Mr Jio made some very interesting points on utilising social media for business’s, the lecture was largely attended by journalism students and it wasn’t long before Mr Jio’s talk moved into the realm of social media and citizen journalism. A video of which can be watched below.

Outside of citizen journalism, Jio also noted the, social media years are like dog years.” Stressing that because everything in the world of social media happens so fast, news becomes old news very fast.

Dell has amassed around 3.5 million followers on its various Twitter accounts ranking it in the top 5 worldwide for Twitter following. When asked by Me and Social Media if Dell employed a specific strategy to build up such an enormous community, Jio insisted that the growth of the Dell online community was in fact organic and perhaps helped by some of their viral campaigns on youtube.

“Its all about putting out something that people want to hear. If you put it out there people will want to follow you.”

Watch a quick clip of what Mr Jio had to say on social media.